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Plume Seal

Plume Seal

Writers Republic appreciates all of your devoted time and effort in crafting your literary piece. From this perspective, we want to ensure that you receive great distinctions through the Plume Seal. The Plume Seal honors outstanding efforts that leave a lasting impression, exhibit the utmost professionalism, and provide excellent outcomes.

Why is your book eligible for the Plume Seal?

  • It can capture the reader’s attention and easily identify the genre, the tone and style of the narrative, and the intended market for the book.
  • It indicates professional editorial quality to literary enthusiasts, agents, and booksellers.
  • The title, design, and cover are fully optimized to spread the word about your book.

Convey your authenticity and authority as an author through the Plume Seal. Let the world know that your book has garnered high praise by adding the official Plume Seal to your book cover.

Get to know the Plume Seal benefits!

Plume Seal is geared with all-inclusive publishing materials to completely execute your desired marketing program. It is also equipped with online campaign support and grants you 100% rights over your work.

Your actual book will be delivered on time. Also, an e-book distribution service will be provided apart from the physical copy. A personalized post-publication service is to be performed upon your book’s completion. This permits you full control over its customization. Our skilled professionals are within reach with our service. We also work to produce a premium edition of your book that can be distributed across the globe. Enjoy the sales you’ll make with unlimited wholesale and retail availability.

Plume Seal

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  • Rapid procedure. No need to wait for years to get it approved and published. You can start right now by signing up with Writers Republic.
  • Reasonable prices. Exceptional publishing and marketing services at reasonable prices.
  • Convenient. You can now take your first step in publishing your book just by simply claiming your FREE road map to keep you guided.
  • Adequate choices. We lay an array of services that will cater to your book needs, including your own ideas you want to carry out. Talk with us and let’s make it happen!
  • Great customer service. We value every author who works with our team. We have established a customer service hotline to settle a clear and smooth communication between both parties.
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