Hourglass Socioeconomics Vol. 1: Principles & Fundamentals, A Search for Equilibrium

Author: Blaine Stewart


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Hourglass Socioeconomics:Principles and Fundamentals, lays the framework of a “What If” scenario of what would need to take place in a social economic distribution system to gain and maintain autonomy from external influence. If a distribution system is constantly pulled toward the central goal of optimal balance, value of wealth in equity and equality will be manageably controllable. The underlying purpose is the search for equilibrium.
A mathematical approach is applied to understand economic systems in place today and the faults in their structural design and integrity. Models are used as visual illustrations to show how value in wealth and control move throughout the distribution within the hierarchical class structures as input is transformed to output. Analogies in other sciences and systems act to explain some of these concepts in simpler terms

Blaine Stewart is a 28 year old resident of the Bay Area. This is Mr. Stewart's first published book. After studying business and computer science in college, he entered the working population as a Head Golf Professional, and has since worked to build an available iOS application, Premise Hunts. Blaine enjoys working to fund projects he finds are the best use of his imagination as a creative outlet to extend to others the use of imagination as a way of understanding the world around us. His goal is only for the collective growth of knowledge in any capacity or vehicle it is encased. He believes in the effectiveness of education whether institutionally or self-learned but that in the search for individual higher understanding there is no one size fits all

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Pages: 120 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Business & Economics

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