The Big Rubber Ball In Space - The Catalyst Part II

Author: David Paul Martin


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Halo left the dawn of time, leaving our world trapped in a simulation that everyone is born into. A few uneducated broke the programming centuries ago. Those since must overcome a stilted progression in status. Nothing is left for the newborn, in a desperate pursuance of peace of mind. People are those afflicted with insanity. Heroes of legend, from our world and alien, guide those with the opportunity in repairing the damage. Planar a‑ airs still must be handled in an anarchy of possible realities due to changes in the past by those who time travel.

A miracle of possible past’s jolts those of us effected in and out of the simulation, into worse, better, and diabolical circumstances. Then the cloud of desperation parts. These are the alter-realities conceived, that only one person will ever truly know, that both plight and give the satisfaction of moral exertion.

David has dreamed of becoming a published author since he was fourteen. He was the youngest of three siblings. His parents divorcing when he wasn’t even in kindergarten yet, he spent most of his time being raised by his older brother and sister. He’d lived in many states across the Easter seaboard of America as a child, dealing with no real friends other than his siblings. He was born in 1986, and has had to live most of his life in silence, due to a shattered jaw at the age of ten. He is a­fflicted with hallucinations that have gone on since he was nineteen. In his books he covers stories about these manifestations that for most go unheard.

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Pages: 108 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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