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Subhash Mohan has worked in the Medical Sciences field in many places and different countries. He traveled from India to Vancouver followed by England, to Toronto, to Newfoundland and came back to Toronto again. Subhash joined the Microbiology Department at the Toronto General Hospital (University Health Network) in 1981, which is now known as the University Health Network and Mount Sinai Hospital Department of Microbiology. He currently holds the position of Senior Medical Mycology Technologist, which he was promoted to in 1988.

Subhash's responsibilities include the day to day running of the Mycology section facilities, as well as teaching and training staff members, medical technology & university students and the residents. Subhash has held live workshops, seminars and published many articles in the Canadian, US and European medical journals. As a member of the In-house teaching committee, he is an excellent source of mycology teaching stock and information. Subhash has developed and offering correspondence course in Medical Mycology through the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science

He has also co-authored "Medical Mycology" technical book for a corporation and is now writing his technical book entitled "Gram Stain: Looking Beyond Bacteria - a laboratory guide for clinical microbiologists and medical technologists", while still finding time to be a volunteer speaker for many professional organizations. In Subhash's spare time he enjoys cooking, listening to music, reading philosophy and dreaming about writing a book about his success in life.

Subhash led the discovery of a new Candida species (Candida subhashii), which was isolated from the peritoneal fluid of a patient with end-stage renal failure. The experts decided to name the isolate in honour of Subhash's extensive work in the field of mycology.

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