Declaration of COC National Independence: The Capitalist Ltd. Olympic Spirit Infused Economy

Author: Olson Felix Twain


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This is a vision of a capitalist ltd economy and two orders of competent and cooperative national security forces that arise when the money system is upgraded to gold coins in the east and Intel-Friendly Digital Currency in the cities, farms and military bases west. Economic activity itself becomes a force for good, as the governance of the foundation money law enables us to choose the gates of economic FREEDOM as necessary and to de-select the five capitalist unlimited excesses as no longer necessary. A capitalist ltd olympic spirit infused economy is the result. The Intel-Modernized Governing (IMG) Establishment Triad of city-center scoring Intel, inshop and online transaction machines (aka Bases) and HOME Bank Cards (aka Medallions) creates an historically luxurious Foundation Money Law (FML) Governing means to pave the Occupational Necessity / Evil Divide, giving rise to the suite of capitalist ltd institutions and business and cashing out the five capitalist excesses. First constitutional governance is the means to bring balance the greater cities and farms west with the Eastbound Paradise Corporations (EPC), to pierce the cities with 9 Markets BEAUTIFUL, to build International-National Bridges (INB) across the cities of COC Nations and to align our Medallion bank cards strictly to the Military and Police Forces elevated to the 2nd Order of National Defense and at Cooperative Security Heights. The capitalist ltd. realm secures Oil in the shadow of Big Nuclear, inter-links the four freestanding HOME Denominations of Wealth, hinges with H1-24 Tier-Valued Homes the three class ruling structure in order to secure the order Two Freedom's Health per love capita. All Constitution Owning Cultural (COC) Nations build constitutional health on the separation of Constitutional and Grey Governments into operative adjacency: and this is within the global village’s grasp as we can we win with the prize of the digital revolution.

Olson Felix Twain, born in Canada in 1976, is an author, original thinker and founding member of The House of the IMG Era. After earning a BA in Anthropology and Human Geography, he enjoyed more than a decade of inspired international travel developing and honing his craft. His books have been patiently articulated from a careful study and experience of life in the cities and unfledged paradises of Japan, Taiwan, India, Costa Rica, Mexico and Vietnam. Impassioned adventure, conversation, reading, romance and, most significantly, shakuhachi-blown zen have kept his figurative inkwell full and brush active. Indefatigably igniting torches into novel caverns of non-ideas and ideas in the mind, by sheer will and good fortune, has enabled Olson to finish two well-organized, colorful and voluminous books with the purpose of elevating the six continents of nations above the needless chaos of our time.

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