Rage Behind Closed Doors

Author: Amber Moon


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Amber Moon, starts her autobiography from her youngest age of two about the different abuses she endured while growing up through her adolescence years into her teenage years. Throughout the novel, she expresses the actions and emotions how she overcame her abuse in hopes to help others.

A nice day out. I was only 4. My brother Tim and I had been home with my dad all week while mother has been working at the hospital taking care of patients. She's a LPN. After breakfast my dad came out back and told us we were going to the "icebox" to go fish with Rob today and we needed to get inside and get ready.

Oh how I can remember my brother being so happy. Me...I felt panic. As I knew this was going to be a day of drinking and torture as it always was when my dad and his friend are together. We had gotten to the sink hole of a fishing place, it was back behind a lot of trees. I can still remember the smell to this day and how dirty it was. I often wondered why we ate the fish from that place. The water was always filled with trash. Yes, refrigerators too. Yet everyone in Hornell fished there.

My dad set up the fishing rods on the bank and told me to sit on the ground that I wasn't good enough to sit in a chair, they are used only for men. As I watched my father, Rob and my brother all sit down in one. I sat in a pile of muddy grass patch that had trash in it. Crying, my dad slapped me across the face and asked me, "Do you want another?" As he raised his hand over his head. I curled up my legs and hugged them close to my chest in hopes I would not get hit again. Instead he pulls out his Polaroid from the back seat of his truck and takes a picture. As he yells, "Come on you little pussy."

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Pages: 116 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Biography

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