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Discrimination is All About One’s Mindset

The mentality of people in general relate to discrimination, even without using black and white, age, race, gender, values, educational level, political affiliation, poverty, rationality, materialism and job applications. Discrimination starts with the mind and is evoked through one’s attitude. It’s not because a person is colored or about his background, but it’s what his mind tells him that pushes him to discriminate others. In this powerful and emotional read, author Anderson Joseph writes journals of his experiences to open the eyes of everyone on “The Mentality of Discrimination”.

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Her Life’s Work Viewed through a Speculum

Devoting her work life to help and assist other women in their pregnancies, delivery + postpartum stages. Rikki was to be able to spend a lifetime doing what she found rewarding. In author Judy Warrenton’s book, “View through a Speculum”, readers will follow a nurse’s thirty-seven year ob-gyn career starting with labor and delivery and then all the medical and emotional ups and downs of women's private lives as seen via working in a private practice, you will be nodding, smiling, laughing or even tearing up.

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What Lies Ahead?

Can life be controlled to be enjoyed? Or should a person let life be, in order to experience its greatness and adventures? Author Marta Reinoso weaves an endearing story in “The Fault in Us” as she lets readers navigate the plans and unplanned moments of life --- and how these make up the beauty and fullness of the meaning and understanding of life --- through the pages of this book.

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When many are called but few are chosen…

Many people avoid the religious and the spiritual talk because most of the time, they do not have any idea about God and God's plans for each and every individual.

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So Much to Enjoy and Love in Summer

From author Kahalia Solano-Johnson and illustrator Harshshikha comes a vibrant and colorful children’s book that parents and guardians can share with their young ones. “Why I Love Summer” offers the little ones a glimpse of what makes summer fun, exciting and memorable. The children will find the story easily relatable and would even give them new ideas of how to spend their summers.

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The "Crescendo" of Their Love Story

Can their love handle the darkness, or will their pasts render them better off alone? Will their secrets be their downfall? Readers will find out as they follow the lovers in author Rhiannon Kay’s riveting romance “Crescendo”. Sometimes, life doesn’t pan out the way people want them to be. But oftentimes, it’s the path that leads them to where they are supposed to be.

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Her Adventure and Lesson of a Lifetime

From her personal experiences that brought her life-changing decisions and eye-opening crossroads, Dr. Jennifer Horton offers readers a glimpse of how she grew up, what she had done, and how those changes and choices made an impact on who she has becomes. In her book, “Lilly’s Choice”, she tells the story of a young girl who will learn about life and love through her adventures with the elephants in Thailand.

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Words of Faith and Praise in New Book

Through inspirational verses and thoughtful lines, author Donald Ennis shares his personal relationship with God in his new book “Jesus Talk to Me”. With over 200 prose and poetry, readers will experience his strong faith and connection with the Lord. The pages will allow readers to witness how the author converses with God daily, through his struggles, questions, ups and downs, and everything in between.

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Is Satan’s Daughter Worth Saving?

Being forced to fulfill a promise long forgotten, Art Legend is sent to another world as a reborn immortal; however he’s supposed to be a hero for Samantha, the spawn of Satan. He finds himself killed over and over again, but shows that even the bad guys can do good every so often, even if he has to do it alone. Readers will find themselves enraptured in the thrilling action between the pages of author Tobi Yaza’s “How I Saved Satan’s Daughter in Another World”.

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Hourglass: Measuring more than just time…

Hourglass Socioeconomics Principles and Fundamentals outlines the structural framework of a feasible and a thought-out social economic distribution system. Because an entity or nation’s success and continued progress relies on it’s economic input-to-output system, author Blaine Stewart presents a way that facilitates both social and economic growth while minimizing the effects of negative external influence. Economic growth without social sustainability is malignant and can result similarly to growth from radiation exposure. Growth of the social without a sustainable economy is to plant crop in nutrient rich soil without the means to optimize the output. Hourglass is the combination and equal and equitable balance of the two.

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