Red Watson and the Gifted Lands

Author: L.J. Hardwicke


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"When all else fails, turn to the sun in its blinding glory, for it will guide you."

Thirteen year old Red Watson has a power known as a gift and is determined to discover her past though is still figuring out her present. She heads off, along with her siblings Claire and Will, her aunt Eleanor, and their friend Bailey to defeat an evil man blinded with power. She learns more about herself, her family, friends, and the power of courage and trust. Will she too become blinded with power, or will she learn to use her gift for good?

L.J. Hardwicke is a fourteen-year old author from California who has been interested in creative writing, archery, and theatre since she was young. She has also written many poems which have been loved and adored by her friends, family, and teachers. She loves to write about fantasy and her favorite books include Lord of the Rings and Narnia. Though she is young, she has a thirst for knowledge when it comes tocreative writing or history.

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Black & White

Pages: 200 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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