It's Hard Enough, Let Me Help You : Basic Financial Literacy

Author: Ray Rhodes


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This book is for those who truly want more out of life. Living paycheck to paycheck gets old, does it not? A budget truly is imperative to adhere to. But, it is not the only step in becoming financially literate. You do not have to be living paycheck to paycheck to get anything out of this book, nor struggling financially. There is always room for improvement, and always time that should be set aside to ensure your retention of financial proficiency.

The “small” tweaks you make day to day, paycheck to paycheck can, and will produce beautiful dividends in the long run. This book isn’t going to get me rich. But, I know.

Sgt. Randy Ray Rhodes J.R, a United States Marine located at Wounded Warrior Battalion-East, Camp lejeune, North Carolina. Known to many as the Marine that completed not only one year worth of the commandant’s reading list, but seven. Totaling 152 book reports within a span of three years. No one had ever seen at least one year completed. Sgt Rhodes used the knowledge and his love for reading, and his family. To fuel his passion for financial literacy to help all those around him. Especially sitting down with many Marines and sailors to ensure that they don’t have to struggle financially. Some are not taught financial literacy. But now, He wants to help you. He is a man of Christian faith, a father, and a Marine. But, you may be thinking “is he a “Rhodes”...Scholar”?

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Genre: Self-Help

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