Mr. Clucky: Figurative Language and Plot Diagram

Author: Theresa Marie Yankovoy


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Mr. Clucky is the true narrative of a lonely rooster who fell in love with a girl and her family. The story unfolds with Clucky’s adventures and brushes with predators. Her family became Clucky’s flock. He leaned on them for his daily care and dose of love. Mr. Clucky will forever remain in their hearts with the memories left of his feathers, soft clucking conversations, laughter, and cute complaining when he had to be taken into his pen to roost for the evening. Mr. Clucky also challenges the reader to self-reflect and create their own animal story using a plot diagram and literary devices. The author hopes you find the previous time to connect to the animals that came into your life to capture your heart and help you grow.

Mr. Clucky is written from the heart in three ways. Firstly, the author wants children to realize how a pet becomes a loving member of their family and needs love, fresh food, and water every day. Second, Mr. Clucky is based on a true story dear to the author’s affection for helping hurting and abandoned animals. Finally, Mr. Clucky is an instructional story to engage students who struggle with reading to practice writing their own pet or animal story to internalize the Language Arts standards of figurative language and plot diagram. If students write about what they read, they comprehend it on the deepest level.

The author is a 6th-grade middle school teacher who employs a play-ethos approach to the classroom, including imaginative uses of animals to guide and uplift students in the classroom. “The Hippo” may hold their snack until the end of class, or the “elephant” may know something it would like to tell them after class.

Additionally, the author has been a lifelong lover of knowledge of wisdom, exploring and reading about ancient cultures. She has been fortunate to be a reading specialist in a World History classroom since 2017. She is certified in Middle-Grade English 5-9, Social Studies 5-9, ESE, PK-3, and has an ESOL, Gifted, and Reading Endorsement. She continues to enjoy teaching elementary school students internationally on a virtual platform.

The author grew up along the Florida coast in the Northwest Panhandle. She has a Master of Education. The author lived on the Big Island of Hawaii for eight years, where she unknowingly adopted a family of wild chickens and roosters after feeding the babies one day. However, Clucky was found as an abandoned roaming baby rooster after she moved back to her childhood home in Florida.

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