Blue Raspberry

Author: Arav P. Tulsi


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Atsune and her friend Liz, along with her Prince Charming, Leo, set off on an adventure in the virtual world of Blue Raspberry, a VR MMO RPG style Dungeon Crawler video game. Together they face many challenges, make new friends and enemies, and become part of a Secret Guild, headed by the creator of the game himself, whose goal is to maintain fairness in the game. Over the course of several days, they become the highest-ranking players in the game, and even find young love.

However, these friendships and young love is threatened when the game glitches, causing a malfunction in the Brain-Computer Interface of one of the players, causing him to forget the time he spent in the virtual world, and all the relationships he forged.

Arav P. Tulsi was born and raised in the suburbs of Guyana, a small Caribbean nation. He attended the Region’s premier secondary school, and developed an interest in and eventually, a passion for computers, more specifically, Brain-Computer Interfaces, and their potential for use in the video game industry.

Guyana, being a small agriculture-focused country, did not have the best opportunities to pursue these interests, and so he applied to and was accepted to the University of Central Florida, where he will study computer science. Without school to keep him busy, he began writing stories, poems and songs, and decided to share some of his pieces and his passion with the world.

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Black & White

Pages: 148 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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