Radioactive Robot Zombies: Book Three

Author: Christopher Aurand


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After the disastrous confrontation with the zombie creatures Adrian Winstar has been abducted and taken hostage. Professor Aurahawk, Commander Cain, and Marpitt must come up with a way to rescue her. In the rescue attempt the zombie creatures become more aggressive, and start to transform into a more hideous form. Unfortunate events happen to Professor Aurahawk and put him in an undesirable circumstance. More past events are revealed on the Pinta Univeral Explorer, showing how the Tyrant enslaved victims for the zombie attack on Cygnus, and the construction of his new body using the Central A.I.

Other than making a graphic novel, I deliver Pizzas for a local Pizza Shop. I enjoy the outdoors, taking hikes at State Parks, and camping. I am a car enthusiasts, love old and new sports cars, and learning how they have evolved. Another favorite pastime is playing old retro video games, I like a good challenge in a survival horror game, platform, or trying to get first place in a good racing game.

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Black & White

Pages: 50 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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