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Publication procedure will take place once our team obtains a contact with the author.

Compliance of Publishing Materials

The compliance of publishing materials includes author’s submission of manuscript with texts in the cover, and book’s interior in MS Word.doc or in Rich Text Format (RTF), along with the hard copies or its digital format to start the process effectively.

Book Design Process

The author obtains his/her book’s interior and cover proofs in this process. These proofs will serve as the author’s drafts to be reviewed by another group of experienced authors, editors, and proofreaders. The company’s Editorial team will adhere to the requested designs or any possible alterations from the author in reliant to the package purchased from our Copyediting service.

Design Sample/ Preview

The author’s digital samples will be provided by Writers Republic; this will show the readers a glimpse of the author’s book. Any necessary modifications requested by the author are welcome; the book’s digital preview will be sent back to us for revision purposes until we will receive the author’s final approval for his/her desired digital preview.

Digital Sample/ Preview Approval

The Digital Sample/ Preview Approval is when we obtain the author’s approval of both electronic and/or physical proofs of the book; the printing of one book’s sample should follow the author’s approval.

Proof of Printed Output

The author will have the chance to review the printed output and its binding process, given that the company will be giving out the printed version once process is finalized.

Approval Form Signing

This stage incorporates the author’s signature for approval of his/ her book’s printed version provided in the earlier stage. The author’s sign will then imply the company’s adherence to the author’s printing and binding preference.

Global Distribution

The author’s work will be distributed globally through online retailers and bookshops.

Post- Fulfillment

Writers Republic will keep a close watch on the produced sales and sends royalties to authors accordingly based on the book’s revenue.

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