My Pretty Pink Palace - Chronicles of an Exotic Dancer

Author: Ashley Paige


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My Pretty Pink Palace is a true story of an exotic dancer named Ashley Paige who decided to write an inspiring story/poem collection about herself. She went through trials and tribulations in life but never gave up when things were tough. People would judge her for her career choice, but she didn’t care about what people thought. She didn’t understand why we can’t live in a world where we are not judged for what we do. One day, she decided she wanted to write a story that’s different from the rest. Ashley Paige decided she wanted to write an adult-style, Dr. Seuss - type of book with a little nudity and poetry about herself.

Ashley Paige is a mother, an exotic dancer, and a soon-to-be author. She is from Hibbing, Minnesota, but resides in Minneapolis. In 2007, she moved to San Diego and became an exotic dancer. Only living there for a short time, she became pregnant and moved back to Minnesota. A year later, Ashley started dancing again; and over the course of five years, she got three DWIs. Her car was seized, and she thought her life was over. Almost committing suicide, she pushed herself to be better so she didn’t fail for her children. She worked really hard for the next eight years.

When COVID happened in 2020, women all over the world started doing OnlyFans. She started an OnlyFans, but she wanted to do something different and quit after a month. She came across a place on Facebook and was stuck on doing a photoshoot there. After her shoot, she started writing, and that was how her story came about

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Genre: Poetry

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