The Articulate Autistic

Author: Olivia DeBortoli


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Olivia is a late-diagnosed autistic female who grew up unaware of her autism, thinking that the things that set her apart, made her feel different and weird, or challenged her in ways that did not seem to challenge others were the result of personal shortcomings and failures. After years of psychiatric hospitalizations, several mental health diagnoses, and frequent episodes of abuse along the way, she starts to learn what she is really capable of (and what she is not) and what it means to accept herself, a journey she is still pursuing as self-discovery is a lifelong adventure.

Olivia is currently twenty-nine years old and is diagnosed with depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, borderline personality disorder, and autism. She comes from a family of five children, including herself, one older sister, an identical twin sister, and two younger brothers who are also identical twins, one of whom is autistic like herself. She enjoys photography, collecting rocks, gardening, and reading. She is also passionate about advocation for other autistic females who are late diagnosed, misdiagnosed, or undiagnosed due to social and medical stigma. She continues to strive to live her life as authentically and independently as possible, and someday she hopes to have an autism service dog to increase her independence and quality of life.

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