Anti-Woman : Controversies A Woman Has Within Herself, Man, And Society - New Edition

Author: Tomiko C. Moore


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ANTI-WOMAN depicts the various acts against women; men against women; society against women, and women against themselves. Anti - woman- ironically; portrays a self-defense character. Although, mis-spelled, anti-woman attempts to express, the worthiness of her gender, really meaning to say, (I am woman, or aren’t I a woman;) In spite of; little results, anti-woman proclaims respect, in which, there’s a lack of…. Although, womanhood requires so much, the woman endlessly works towards her dreams and goals, despite continuous forces that rise against her, and attempts to make it more difficult than it should be. Despite the challenges, the woman continues to prevail, in spite of the darts and obstacles she faces. She accomplishes, by finding a way of escape and getting into a quiet place, the way of escape is her Biblical principles, applying self-motivation, seeing people motives and not responding to negativity but making a plea for unity instead of discourse and thus, you have Anti-woman.

TOMIKO C. MOORE is a student of Sociology, Social Inequalities, Age discrimination, Gerontology, and Social Justice. She began her Social Work Career in 2012, working for not-for-profit housing development. After a few years, Tomiko returned to the health care field, where she continues to aid the social needs of the underserved community. Moore specializes in older adults, youth and child development, housing, behavioral health, substance use, crisis intervention, and comorbidity with co-occurring disorders. Tomiko obtained her master’s degree in 2012, from Long Island University, in Brooklyn, New York, and is a Licensed Master Social Worker who resides in Brooklyn, New York, where she balances her career, family life, spirituality, and femininity. When not tackling an array of “social issues,” Tomiko shares her time and love with her daughters, Faith and Rhonda, and relatives.

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