Harmony Book One: The Journey to Ram City

Author: Dayanarrah Le`Anne Harris


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This is a story of six siblings and their friends. They are in their early to midtwenties living on a distant world called Harmony. Harmony is the world where the Zodiac signs are more than just an allegory to judge one another on. The Zodiac sign are the gods and goddesses on Harmony. In the past, there were thirteen signs that ruled Harmony. But after a horrible war, only twelve rules now. Lamar was dethroned as King God. After almost ten thousand years of peace, Lamar is back to take back his world, but one brat is in his way: Zenni.

Lamar has rebuilt his power and sneaks his claws back into what’s going on Harmony’s politics. Because of that, Zenni has to deal with the council leaders of the twelve regions of Harmony challenging her ability to rule. The council leader acts as majorette puppets for Lamar. His ultimate goal is to take Zenni out before her birthday and replace her with Luna Bell.

Zenni, the star of this story, is the coming-of-age queen goddess. She and her siblings and friends work together to protect each other. They still enjoy young adult activities and stay close to one another. Zenni is to rule all the signs and House of Pisces. She and her baby sister, Luna Bell, are a month away for their twenty-fifth and eighteenth birthday, on March 6. A whole month of celebrating is to start soon if they can manage to survive Lamar and the council leaders’ plots.

The author is just a girl from the Midwest that has struggled with a reading and writing learning disorder. Somehow her goal at five years old is to be a writer. She even had a plan on how she was going to achieve her dream and still be financially stable. Unfortunately, because of others, fear of failure, and an extreme dislike for airplanes, her dream never flourished—until now.

With no other dream job, she chose to work in health care from the age of eighteen years of age. In 2017, her dad and grandma died within three months of each other. In her grief-filled heart, she lost the ability to work toward the goals that she had on at that time, so she ended up leaving school. She spent the last five years chasing goals that didn’t fill her with any joy at all. She managed to find her way back to school in the spring of 2020. Terrible decision. She didn’t find out until switching to online classes and having to step away again.

In 2021, she found herself dealing with the process of a burnout and in a job that’s killing her mental health. She made the decision to change something. She was already in therapy and on meds, so she left that job. She found a new job, then quit that job in September of 2022 to finish her book. She has a fiancé, and they both found a home. They’ve been living in for almost two years now, feeling truly happy. In February of 2022, she had a dream. This book was born from that dream. If you want to know more about her, read the book because her soul is on these pages.

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Pages: 312 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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