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Author: Gabe Furtado


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Gabe Furtado takes us to a brief and profound summary of his almost

twenty-five years of living on this planet with us. From his life experiences,

including his career and some breaking of the forth wall when he literally

speaks to us what’s happening to his life while still writing the book—

what we really get is his point of view about the different aspects of life.

We get really intimate with Gabe and we get to understand some more

about his way of living and still get to want more from him. This book

could fall into the autobiography section, memoir, or even a self-help

kinda situation. Labels are definitely not Gabe’s thing. The rules are

simple: have fun, love and respect people! Dive with Gabe into this

interesting and worth-your-while journey. And like everything he does,

this book is a part of the bigger picture as well.

Brazilian born with Angeleno soul, Gabe Furtado is a multitalented

artist. He is a singer, songwriter, actor, director, writer, and producer. The

young artist started to study and explore the different types of arts since

he was a child, from painting to dancing. Gabe really found himself in

his lyrics and melodies.

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Black & White

Pages: 92 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Autobiography

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