RAELYN: Book 1: The Last Dragoon

Author: Patrick Dickey


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A lone wanderer by the name of Shal’ador takes on a job of escorting a young noble back to his family in the Eastern part of the Kingdom of Elcea, during their journey they meet the members of the Third Eye, a secret group of warriors defending the realm from the shadows. Offering them a place to sleep for the night before returning to their journey, they get attacked by a mysterious group that Shal’ador recognizes as a group of people who destroyed her home. After averting crisis, Shal’ador joins the Third Eye in their quest to destroy this foe after bringing the child back home to find it destroyed. Now caring for the boy as her own son, she protects him from the enemy while fighting to learn who these warriors are and what they’re after.

Patrick Dickey is a man from Bakersfield California born into a simple family. He enjoys hanging out with friends and helping others in need.

Raelyn Book 1: The Beginning, later renamed to Raelyn Book 1: The Last Dragoon started out as a pet project never intended for publishing, but Patrick got convinced to try by a friend from College and so made contact with the Writers Republic and started his journey to become an author.

Patrick lives with his Grandmother who he helps take care of and loves.

His Grandmother helped him in his journey, offering wisdom and support as he dealt with the highs and lows of his attempt to become an author.

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Black & White

Pages: 98 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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