A Memoir to the Girls with Daddy Issues

Author: Kadija Kalani Grant


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My name is Kadija Kalani Grant I'm twenty two years old, from Ft Lauderdale, Florida where everything is dipped in gold and diamonds. I'm just a regular female that's emotional and needy for al l the wrong reasons, I wrote this book to not only connect with other females but also let out how I feel about this topic. It's been feelings I've battled f or years and cried A lot about. Even though me and my father are building back our relationship, I will always still have these feelings and the ptsd I have from it. Me and every other female in this world is affected by this issue and I'm not here to make you over think it nor am I not here to make you heal from it. Just simply expressing how we all felt at one point in our lives, hopefully you feel me and connect with my book. And be able to let out t hose deep emotions you've held in for years. I just wanna give a big thank you to my loving supporting family. That raised me in a understanding, supportive home. And a big shout out to the best mom in the world, always being there for me, having me in a loving environment so hate never filled my soul. She provided me with right tools in life to make me a strong women. Building me up to be great, always played both roles no matter how hard the roles got. I also wanna give a big thank you to my aunties and uncles that formed a village big enough to fill that missing hole of my dad. I wanna thank my aunt Daniel for keeping me close to my dad side and always being the bigger person to keep family together and didn't let her brother destructive ways tear the whole family apart. I love you and my mom. From the bottom of my heart. And to any women reading this book young or old. It's never your fault on why your dad wasn't man enough to raise you.

He missed out."

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