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 A collection of the author’s experiences that she has struggled through during her freshman year in college. A core cause of frustration was due to the covid-19 pandemic because of the negative impact it had on her mental health. She developed social anxiety and started therapy at her school then. People all over the world are attempting to rebound from the lack of in-person contact that we’ve lacked for the past two years or so, and she wants to share what she has learned through observations she’s made. Mindy was able to reflect a lot with staying at home and realizes that this break of routine was necessary to see our society from a different perspective. This is the very cause of her writing poetry in order to cope and reflect.

Mindy is currently a university student that was raised in Somerset, NJ. She began to write by journaling, and this turned her to write poetry since she wanted to make it more relatable. She was influenced to write her poems through anger and frustration while other times she felt enlightened and empowered. The problem everyone has is the willpower to resist the easy way out and that blinds them from what they should be focusing on. Using technological devices and talking to people blindly becomes prominent while other issue like mental health and social justice become invisible. Most importantly, she wants readers to see that her poems are more than art, and to instead think beyond what is there.

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Pages: 164 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Poetry

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