Triumphs of a Little Girl: A Memoir

Author: Dr. Ingrid J. Benjamin Ph.D.


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“I don't know what I'm gonna do with you." My grandmother said, as she looked at me as though I were unbelievably naive and strange. I just finished laying out one of my many bold, audacious and presumptuous plans. Yes, I was a bold and naïve child, (about ten years old), but one on a mission. I had begun to carve out an entirely different pathway for my life.

As I open the door to my childhood, I invite you to come in with me as I journey through a world full of challenges. Come and see how I overcame physical, sexual and emotional abuse, bullying and rejection while living with a dysfunctional family. I have never known an earthly father, but when God, my heavenly father looked down and saw me struggling, He dispatched His angels to tutor me. Yes, God knows math, chemistry and physics!

It is said, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." Allow me to show you how I utilized my lemons to my advantage, as I desperately tried to figure out how the adult mind works. Come and see the unusual way in which I tenaciously challenged myself to get an education while living in the ghetto with my grandmother. It was my dream that my life would be different when I grow up.

"Triumphs of a Little Girl" is a spellbinding memoir of a little girl who was born into abject poverty in a world that was totally unprepared for her. It chronicles Ingrid's journey through childhood and the metamorphic changes through her turbulent adolescence years as she transitioned into adulthood. It's an incredible story of adaptability, true grit and unwavering will to succeed in an uncertain world

Dr. Ingrid J. Benjamin Ph.D. shares her personal triumphs to encourage youths to challenge themselves to achieve their goals.

Dr. Ingrid J. Benjamin is an award-winning educator. She began her journey from humble beginnings in Guyana. She felt magnetically drawn towards education as she worked hard and made plans for a different life when she grew up. She attended many institutions of higher learning. The positions she hold in academia include Science teacher, Head of Science Department, Licensed School and Substance Abuse Counselor. Director of Guidance, Dean of Studies, Associate Professor and many more. She also received numerous awards including Teacher of the Year. During her journey as an educator, she had the opportunity to work with students from several cultures around the world. She taught in North and South America, the Caribbean, and the Middle East. She worked with students from kindergarten through college. Thinking about her humble beginnings, with the support of her grandmother and mentors, she can truly say, "It takes a village* She cherishes those blessings God bestowed upon her and is grateful for the mentors and the many strangers who stopped and lifted her up. She is married and lives with her family in the U.S.A.

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