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A collection of easy to read bite-sized steps that will enable you to improve your life, stand up for yourself, build more confidence, become more resilient and attract more respect and appreciation. It’s fresh and it’s unique with revealing real-life stories that many of us will relate to. Olimpia discloses her own growth experiences and those of her clients together with the principles they each applied to become extraordinary. This personal development book is intended for the complex modern mind that seeks to thrive in the fast-paced world of today. You will learn how to move from the person which life has caused you to be towards who you want to become. You will be able to separate what has happened to you from who you are. The changes you want to make will then seem easier and allow you to maintain your uniqueness. This book might just carry the message you need to hear today; take a look inside.

After more than twenty years of pursuing a successful international career in the corporate world, Olimpia decided to become a personal development specialist, therapist and coach. In 2016, after becoming certified at master practitioner level in several neuroscience disciplines, she established her private practice, HAPPY IN LIFE (www.happyin.life), in the UK. She knows that trying to move ahead without the support of a mentor or a coach can be stressful and painful. She, therefore, loves helping ambitious professionals and business owners who are committed to moving to a new stage in their life. As a personal development specialist, Olimpia supports individuals who are handling stress or depression, overcoming addictions, coping with being overwhelmed, procrastinating, or dealing with unprocessed trauma and emotional issues. Most often, she focuses with her clients on the three major success influencers -- building confidence, managing mental vitality, and finding purpose.

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A life Handbook

I like this book! The short, easy-to-read stories capture the essence of what it means to be honest to yourself, authentic and happy, all together. It is a guide with easy-to-implement advice. One can follow the stories in any sequence and will still get the lessons.

by Ildiko

this book speaks for me

I didn't expect the book to have illustrations! I love them! I can’t say exactly what it is, I just know I feel them. I read the I AM WHO I AM story to my family and friends, word by word. It’s exactly what I wanted to tell them for a long time but I didn't have the words. This book speaks for me. It's my new inspiration.

by Sarah

unique and addictive style

Deep meanings in addictive short stories. I have an impatient wandering mind, and normally I can’t spend more than 10 minutes on a book. I didn't put this down for 2 hours. I only got it 2 days ago and I find myself already re-reading stories. New ways of thinking -I can surely use some of the tips.

by Tom

A must read

I recognized myself in a few stories. The solutions seem so simple when someone hands them to you; it is quite obvious Olimpia is a coach. I wish I had this book 10 years ago. The book is indeed a guide with practical advice for real-life situations.

by Nicholas

I am who I am

What a great book. I've read many like Olimpia's but her's beats them all. Thank you for all the great talks and advice you provided me in all my troubled year's. Know one has prepared me as well as you have and guided me on the right road of success you have for for me. Bless you and I pray this book becomes a huge success for you and to continue to help others as it has for me. Dave Landry Fallbrook Ca

by David A Landry

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