Manifesting Mercy in Melancholy

Author: Sarah E. Munday


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Introducing "Manifesting Mercy in Melancholy," a poetry collection that delves into the depths of life's shadows, uncovering the flickering light within. With each verse, the author weaves a tapestry of emotion capturing the essence of pain, heartbreak, sorrow, grief and loss while simultaneously illuminating the resilience, faith, beauty and hope that resides within life's deepest trenches. Manifesting Mercy in Melancholy" invites readers to embrace life's trials and tribulations as a catalyst for blessings and inspiration. Through poignant words and vivid imagery it reminds us that even in the bleakest moments, we can manifest a glimmer of light that will guide us through healing and understanding. It encourages readers to manifest their own solace and inspiration in their journey through life.

Since Sarah was a young child, her mind has danced with words, painting vivid stories in her imagination. Encouraged by the dark beauty of Edgar Allen Poe's collections, she found solace and inspiration in his haunting words. Sarah has a deep passion for literature, music and the arts. She always loves to explore new realms of expression. Above all, Sarah holds a deep space in her heart for her faith and family. She lives deep in the mountains of Appalachia with her husband and three children. They are her greatest support system. Their encouragement fueled her desire to become the author she is now. Sarah is determined to bring her unique words to life and inspire all of those who venture into the realm of her words. Through her writing, she is determined to touch hearts, evoke emotions, and inspire others to embrace their own desires and dreams.

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Pages: 76 | Trim Size: 5x8

Genre: Poetry

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