Upholding My Life : Adjusting Concisely An autobiography

Author: Curtish B. Taylor II


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Inside you will find brief segments of my life. Most of the work is done throughout my adolescent or childhood. The reader will find what I disliked and what I was most interested in. Also you will find the religious struggle I went through and the choices I made to leave hardship behind. It also gives a point-of-view on how I was raised as a traveler. The things that will strike the reader the most are my family differences and friendships because with each moment I characterize my culture and background with them. This is a short memoir for any reader to enjoy.

This short memoir gives a personal thought on what it was like when I was young. There is no complete dialog, but a point-of-view from the author. Which the reader will consume the authors tone and monolog as everyday life. The book will also concede on how the author learned through traveling and what controversies he went through. While the autobiography is relatively short the reader can obtain an understanding from the peers as well as a narrative view from the author. From adolescent to young adult this book will leave you emotional in some way.

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Pages: 52 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Biography

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