Reflection : A Storm Is Brewing

Author: Les Pruitt


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Reflection recalibrates toward the strawmen of autocracy hell-bent toward a new world order. After all, these suspects work for the Lawless One that is always in the middle of politics and religion. Strawmen who function in key positions within Satan’s domain— the earth on behalf of the Program. All things considered; the Club needed a cheerleader for a new type of patriotism. Someone with a big ego that tilted toward psychotic, irrational behavior. One thing to remember, Satan has two faces.

Anyhow, and on cue without skipping a beat, even after a deadly bout with a superbug—

COVID-19, called by some the “Chinese virus,” the Donald knew the Doomsday Clock was about to make its last tick, so it was all or nothing. And to realize the Club’s final goal of a seven-year peace agreement, a third temple, and a global economic reset, the Donald’s political.. insurgents had to execute...

“I like how the author has emphasized the whole subject matter on the biggest question that lies in everyone’s mind. Is this a democratic world? Or is it just an illusion of autocracy that prevails everywhere?” (Anna Abbot: April 4, 2022 - yourdigitalwall. com - Into the Abyss: Democracy or Autocracy, republished October 5, 2022”

In 2004, after my undergraduate studies at Campbell University in North Carolina, I was still a novice at best in world history, much less a writer. Be that as it may, I began writing poetry in 2008. With 300 compositions embracing humanity’s struggles, love, and hope, I was delighted by the ratings and commentaries from over 170,000 viewers (

However, for me and many others, from professional critics to ordinary citizens, it started during America’s 2016 presidential election. I undertook a journey to expose some traditional dogmas that had traversed across time. I then recognized humanity’s past was not only his story but an unchanging story. However, the everyday human story in our current generation after 2016 began evolving and forging ahead around some peculiar false realities. There was unusual cuddling of the spirit of lawlessness never witnessed in America’s modern democratic process.

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Genre: Religion

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