Advice to My Past and Future Self

Author: Ash Ballard


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This book, written in response to my hardships, childhood, lifetime of trauma, triumphs, and disappointments. Enclosed, there is intentional use of gender-neutral pronouns (i.e., they/them), not grammatical errors. With that said, there is proud queer representation in this book. These selected poems encase pieces of advice to my past and future selves. We will all endure sex, love, sadness, and peace. These poems house my experiences and life lessons. I yearn for folks to never endure most of what this book showcases. And for those who have, or will, I hope it provides comfort and a sense of peace.

Passionate about mental health and queer representation, Ash has been inspired to become an indie author to express just that. They had fallen in love with literature freshman year of high school, where they would discover their love for free verse poetry. Ash has earned an undergraduate degree in psychology, a biology minor, and has participated in one semester of neuropsychology research. They love everything psychology, biology, and chemistry. Despite that, their approach to expressing their love for psychology and human anatomy and physiology, Ash has chosen to express that in the form of art instead of academic literature.

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Black & White

Pages: 120 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Poetry

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