Something Unfamiliar

Author: Richard Wharton


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Like most growing children, this is the story of a little boy struggling with his fear of the dark and the secrets that it may keep. Turning to others for help, the little boy soon discovers, that it is he who is the one who ends up helping others in need. Something Unfamiliar is a story filled with emotions, imagination and color.

Born in Germany, the Author grew up as a military brat. Giving him opportunity from a young age to travel and experience life from a variety of different cultures. Molding him into the person he is today, the author still enjoys to travel, try new things and create lasting memories. Discovering his love to draw and write at an early age, the author wouldn't begin to utilize these talents until much later on in his life. Following High School graduation, the author continued his family tradition and joined the military. 3 tours and 7 honorable years later, he separated. Finishing up his college degree, the author started to tap into his creative mind and set out as content creator on social media. You can now find him settled down as at home family man, living in Utah, married to his High School sweetheart and totting around his own 2 creative boys.

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This is a children’s book you don’t want to miss

I can’t recommend Something Unfamiliar enough. It’s so cool how the author takes real experiences and real fears he’s encountered with his son and pushes them into the fantasy realm. The story is framed in the age-old “afraid of the dark” conflict that I believe everyone has experienced at one time or another. But the facing of said fear and the resolution the characters in the book find is heart-warming and tender. This story will have you laughing one moment and fighting back tears the next. It’s full of imagination, raw emotion, and the positive message that selfless love has the power to turn a dark, dreary landscape into a vibrant colorful masterpiece. I hope you’ll connect with the characters, as I did, and find a little piece of yourself in these pages. And I sincerely hope it’s only the first of many books we are graced with by author Richard Wharton.

by Wignowski85

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Pages: 66 | Trim Size: 8.5x8.5

Genre: Juvenile

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