The End

Author: Andy Lewis


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Nathan Turner, a member of the Army Reserve, is called up one night. Part of his unit gets sent to Washington, DC, to aid forces in trying to contain a strange virus that is quickly infecting people. As the infected attack a safe zone camp he is assigned to, Nathan ends up saving Chelsey, an eight-year-old girl. After the military bombs DC, he and Chelsey make their way to the harbor to leave.

They find a downed helicopter with a mysterious woman named Melissa, who is badly hurt and unconscious. He spends a while nursing Melissa back to health and saves her life. They both fall in love while trying to find her dad, who can help get them to safety and an understanding of what is going on.

Andy Lewis is a disabled veteran who enjoys helping other veterans. With a degree in anthropology and as a certified diver, he spends most of his time scuba diving in lakes, rivers, and the ocean to clean trash and do underwater photography. After finding quite a few artifacts, which he donates to museums, he takes pleasure in writing about them and his adventures to share with friends and family.

He lives a simple and quiet life in his home state of Nevada.

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Black & White

Pages: 148 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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