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It’s 1923 in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, where a risky romance between a mistreated young woman and a boxer owned by the mob motivates self-discovery, loyalty toward passions, and a life-threatening struggle for freedom.

A mundane life is far from Angelina’s only suffrage. Pitying the monster that once loved her as a daughter is just as much a captivity as his fist to her face. Fear locks her door; daring to dream is her key.

For fisherman Vincent, unsought ties with the world of organized crime have him boxing in a speakeasy notorious for its gambling on the fights. To maintain the security and success of his father’s longtime fishing business and the well-being of everyone close to him, Vincent must remain enslaved to a ruthless and powerful mob leader.

Face to the Wind is a tender romance, a “jazz-age” journey that unfolds through the eyes of two young lovers with a timeless determination to be together.

Prior to settling in Slocomb, Alabama, Jennifer Pauline Bedsole spent most of her life where she grew up in New England, wishing the comfort of summer was longer-lasting and the cold of winter less bitter. Her love for the South was recognized and undeniable in 1997 when she spent a year at the University of Tampa where she majored in creative writing. A change of fate put Jennifer’s collegiate journey on hold and led her back up to Massachusetts where she continued her education at Northern Essex Community College, never abandoning her passion for writing. Her romance with the South was far from over and in 2018, following her husband’s retirement from the military, Jennifer’s dream to return close to the Gulf Coast was fulfilled. With her husband and five children, on 49 acres of flourishing farmland, she finds peace and inspiration in the warmth of southern life.

Currently an English major at Troy University, Jennifer is dedicated to her family, farm life, and dreams of finally obtaining her Bachelor of Science degree in English. Finding success in writing and editing has been a lifelong goal that she is determined to bring to fruition. Her passion for writing is fueled by her desire to inspire and encourage others to experience phenomenal and infinite depths of emotion.

Several of Jennifer’s poems were published in Troy University’s literary journal, the Rubicon, in 2021 and 2022. Other collections in which her poetry has been published include Montage of Life, The Colors of Life, and VoicesNet Anthology. The completion of her first novel Face to the Wind is one of her most significant creative accomplishments, and she is motivated to continue writing fiction. This historical romance novel, featuring dual protagonists, captures the essence of the “roaring twenties” amidst the cobbled roads of Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

The most thrilling and fulfilling part of writing fiction, Jennifer believes, is creating a world that seems so real that it is hard to put the pen down and say goodnight to the characters. She endeavors to bring her stories to life by rousing the senses and introducing characters that become impossible to forget.

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Pages: 266 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Romance

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