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Read through our answers to common inquiries from publishing to marketing to have a clearer idea about Writers Republic and self-publishing procedures.

About Writers Republic:

Writers Republic is a venue for amateur and experienced authors to showcase their literary flair through self-publishing, with our core group lending support throughout the publishing and marketing process.

Our business site is at 515 Summit Ave. Unit R1, Union City, NJ 07087, USA.

Writers Republic laid its foundations early 2019, carrying out our authors’ goals to publish their work independently and marketed extensively. The company is comprised of core teams dedicated to assist authors in every phase of the publication and marketing of their masterpiece

Writers Republic recognizes that authors have a desire to be heard. We ensure that authors get to express their thoughts in print in an organized way. Our people know all too well the hassles involved in self-publishing, and we wanted our authors to be spared from them. This is why each author is assigned a core team to help them get their projects completed in a timely and orderly manner while still giving the author complete authority over the process.

Absolutely! We understand the demands you need to accomplish for your work. You are given every right to publish with a separate publisher, sell the rights to a motion picture industry, and a lot more.

Yes, Writers Republic will publish a manuscript in any dialect/language as long as there is a font that supports the dialect/language.

Yes! Writers Republic endeavors to extend our quality service locally and internationally. Our publishing packages include universal distribution with features that will satisfy the demands of our authors outside the United States.

Writers Republic is an IBPA-accredited company. Should you have any clarifications, concerns, or doubts you want to raise, questions concerning your royalties and transactions, don’t hesitate to reach us at 1-551-799-6008 or 1-551-799-6011.


Self-publishing your book saves you effort and time, especially since dealing with traditional publishers hardly grants you the chances of getting your book published. Self-publishing involves you, the author, and a core team assigned to assist you while you hold the full authority as to how you want your book to be completed—from cover design to a marketing game plan.

Self-publishing applies the following procedures: prepublication, publication process, post-publication, promotion/book marketing, and bookkeeping of sales.

There is no need for an agent during self-publishing as you, the author, call all the shots. However, should your book land other publishing deals, movie offers, or other opportunities, it would be helpful for an agent to help you review the transactions that go with the offers.

Certainly not. The self-publishing concept gives you the right to freely publish your work without the approval from a traditional publisher. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do all the publication work all by yourself. Each author will be assigned a team of experts that will assist the author in every stage of the publishing process where they might not be skilled at, eventually seeing the fulfillment of the book.

No. You only need your manuscript and the rest of the needed materials to get it published through Writers Republic, or you may partner with other publishers too if you need further services that will meet your book’s demands.

ISBN & Copyright

The law grants copyright protection to your work automatically upon its publication. It doesn’t require for your work to be completed to be protected. No publication or any form of registration in the US Copyright Office is necessary for copyright security. Though there are considerable advantages if your book is registered under the US Copyright.

ISBN stands for the International Standards Book Number. It is composed of 13 digits used to identify a book published globally. ISBN is used for identification of title, edition of title from a particular publisher, and for purposes of stock control in terms of orders, sales, and listing. ISBN also enables for well-organized product marketing by distributors, retailers, and libraries. Check and do what is required to be listed in Books in Print and get back to R. R. Bowker, the ISBN agency database.

Yes. ISBN identifies you as your book’s publisher, and it serves as a lifetime number assigned to your book.

Yes, aside from the fact that it establishes you as your book’s publisher, the assigned number stays the same for life regardless of whether you change printers, distributors, retailers, wholesalers.

You can avail of an ISBN from R. R. Bowker; you can also register and avail an ISBN online even if you’re not within the United States. Writers Republic does include acquiring an ISBN in the publishing packages we offer.

You can find the ISBN on the copyright page or at the back cover, if the book happens to have no barcode.

The two are different things: an ISBN is composed of digits while the barcode is a graphic display of vertical lines that encrypts numerical information to be scanned.

Distribution and Availability

Offset printing is a widely used printing method in traditional publishing that enables authors to print their book in bulk. The process includes converting digital book files into film negatives that are then embossed on the book’s printing surface, turning it into custom metal plates. Large rollers will then absorb the ink from the plates and transfer it to the paper.

Discounts will be granted for bulk orders, so the more copies ordered, the bigger the markdown. The individual rates for offset printing will be separately cited, depending on the book’s capacity.
The offset printing’s design and print is adaptable in contrast to print-on-demand (POD) printing where it provides more alternatives:

  • With its improved printing equipment, it can guarantee high-definition printing on book covers and pages.
  • Additional cover and stock choices.
  • Additional trim size and design preference.

The following bullets will let you know when offset printing is the best way for you (any further questions will be entertained by our book consultant):

  • If you have the particular print requirements that can’t be supported by POD
  • If you want to reduce the production expenses to maximize your revenue.
  • If you want to sell in bulk.

Any further questions about offset printing can be answered by our book consultant.

Compared to POD, it demands a larger upfront expense and can’t guarantee your book’s endorsement through bookshops.

Yes. It is recommended you print at least 2,000 units to profit from the investment made. You can request assistance from your book consultant regarding this matter.

The offset printing rate is situational based. It will determined by the book volume and your preferred format. You can inquire with your book consultant as well for more details.

Most local publishing companies would charge you lower rates if you purchase in bulk, which is a pretty good deal. However, you need to take into account the possibility of your books remaining unsold. It would be advantageous to anticipate market movement of your book to avoid this.

No. Writers Republic does not consider reprinting since we operate through a print-on-demand innovation, which makes your book available always.


Line editing covers mechanical editing and copyediting. In this stage, the editor goes through your manuscript line-by-line, looking out for errors in grammar, syntax, punctuation, and spelling.
Developmental editing involves fixes in the manuscript concerning bigger issues, such as organization and presentation of ideas or thoughts, characterization, tone, emotions, narrative technique, and other major parts of a manuscript. Developmental editing will also take into account the impact the manuscript may or may not have on the readers.
Line editing is a lighter process, mostly polishing the presentation of the book. This takes less time to accomplish. Developmental editing, on the other hand, takes considerable time since this would involve a back-and-forth between the author and the editor.

The choice is up to you. Depending on your confidence in the preparation of your manuscript, you may not need an editor. However, it always pays to be thorough. Another pair of eyes could catch overlooked misspelling, punctuation mistakes, and even word usage errors. It is also recommended you have your work copyedited. If you have focused solely on writing the content, you may have compromised the technical aspects of your manuscript.

Proofreading is ensuring that the final copy of the manuscript gets polished before it goes to printing. Proofreading should be the last phase of editing, as it’s where corrections concerning misses in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and even formatting are addressed. Once the manuscript is on its way to printing, there’s no turning back.

Bookselling and Royalties

A royalty is the percentage or money that you make for every book you sell.

You earn royalties through the sales you make, excluding your own purchases. Given that the estimated sales figures may vary from one company to the other, Writers Republic guarantees 80% royalties to our authors.

Yes. Booksellers or retailers can take advantage of our regular markdown of 45% on black and white (paperback) and premium color (hardcover and paperback). Another deal is our 60% markdown on black and white (hardcover).

Royalties can only be acquired if you pay the price in full and if it’s directly ordered from our website or through a bookseller/ retailer without the author’s discount. Orders made through phone or email will not be considered since the “royalty” will serve as a discount up front. Markdowns will differ based on the number of books purchased, which will range from 30% to 60%.

We do. Your book’s cost will depend on the page count and type and to the cost of production. You can also prefer to Set Your Own Price, free of charge, if you prefer, as long as it doesn’t go lower than the Standard Retail Price.

The payments will be released on a quarterly basis, if the amount reaches $50 or goes beyond it. For payments of less than $50 in a quarter, it will be carried over to the succeeding quarterly due until it reaches and/or exceeds $50. Each payment will be carried forward until it accrues or exceeds $50.

If your orders are placed through Writers Republic, then your sales and royalty page gets updated every time your buyers receive your book. Sales from our distribution channel will be added monthly or quarterly, depending on when they are submitted. Figures will only appear on your sales and royalty page once they are shipped. The daily reports of shipped packages are automatically added to your page.

As author of your book, you will still be making 80% of the digital payments from sales you make but not on ebook copies that are given for free or sold directly to you.

Books orders can be placed directly through Writers Republic, via online retailers, or through your local bookshops. Writers Republic contacts are as follows:

  • Phone: 1-551-799-6008
  • Phone: 1-551-799-6011
  • E-mail:
  • Web:

You can visit, and for online purchases. You may proceed to the customer service desk for orders in traditional bookstores.

No. Shipping and handling fees are not for free, unless stated otherwise. Fees will apply to all regular book orders, package books, as well as copies purchased through promos and special offers.

No. Any number of orders will be accommodated.

Absolutely! We highly recommend offset printing of your book for your bulk order. This method will reduce your expenditure and grant you more selections on your print quality.

If your marketing program is solid and organized, you can guarantee the profit you get out of the investment you made. Aside from the marketing service you availed from Writers Republic, it will help if you use your own connections in getting the word out there about your book. Make use of connections in your social media or personal friends.

All Writers Republic book orders are non-refundable. In the case of poor print quality, we will work with you to have these copies replaced. You have 30 business days (upon receiving your order) to report any quality or quantity issues to, or and choose “Book Orders” as subject.

Due to the nature of our business, all orders are printed at the time of order and cannot be cancelled or changed once the order is completed. Titles are nonreturnable. Please double check all shipping/billing addresses, quantities, and shipping options before submitting your order.

Disclaimer: Any replacement of any damages, stolen, or lost items in International Shipping or in any Shipping services offered will not be held accountable to Writers Republic.

Let us get to know you. Register through this link:
Email us at Or give us a call: 1-877-656-6838 (US toll free) during 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM EST - Monday to Friday.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Ready your manuscript.

    Send your manuscript as a single digital file as any of the following formats: MS Word (.doc) or Rich Text Format (.rtf).

  2. Prepare your image files.

    Your image files can be sent through the following procedures:

    Writers Republic e-mail: or through Wetransfer app. Images will be set as gray scale if you opt for printing a black and white book, while full-color printed books will produce images in CMYK color mode.

  3. Submit the author’s biography and book summary with its digital file.

    This information can also be provided in the Order Form. For the digital file, you may supply it with the text for their summary/ overview and author’s biography for the book’s back cover and webpage.

  4. Make sure to back up all important files.

    We strongly advise authors to save or back up ALL the materials in a DVD or external disk.

  5. Complete and sign Order Form / Publishing Agreement.

    Fill out every necessary form and complete ALL the requested information areas that indicates publishing, editorial, add-on, and marketing service selections, mode of payment—and don’t forget to attach the signature along with the forms.

  6. Submit materials to the assigned fulfillment officer. Once all the forms are filled out and completed, submit the materials and settle a confirmation for the submission.
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