My Broken Adoption Story -Let My Voice Be Heard

Author: Monica Sttrong


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This book is about a little black American girl who was put in the wrong foster care system. Who she thought was going to be put in a safe place to be love and protective by her lack of adopted families who failed to protect her and be on her side but instead they chosen her abusers over her. She was let down by so many peoples who failed to help her to get the justice that she deserve while her voice go un-notice. She is now a survivor of her childhood sexual abuse. She now know that there are so many others like her who even went through what she went through in her lifetime and that she isn’t along in this broken world.

My Name is Monica Jordan Strong who is now 32 year of age. My childhood was shattered into many broken pieces. I was put into foster care system at birth on June 1,1990 Instead of having a good childhood I ended up being sexually abuse at the age of seven during the time I was in foster care family’s and by the time I was adopted into a broken adoption while the system still continues to failed to protect me. Not only I was sexually abuse I was also physical abuse and emotional abuse who was put in the harm of danger and secret that was kept behind those close door. I grew up in an unsupportive adopted family’s without the help and support that I needed from them. Finally I was able to find my way out of my abusive adopted family’s I’ve been better than ever without them. I still continue to have my biological families in my life they are my real families. I wasn’t supposed to be kept away from them not only the system has failed me but they failed my biological families who they thought I was in good hand and be protected under the system care.

This is only the beginning, this is my testimony, and this is my story.

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Genre: Biography

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