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THE STORY IS ABOUT Rita’s sister LIZ and her desire to reveal secrets about her life. Liz believed that her intense passion must be fulfilled before TIME rolled away!

Liz and her family’s life is a testimony to their strong faith and determination to survive in a world of poverty while growing up in the inner city with Deaf parents. They each had tempestuous, stormy, and challenging lives filled with obstacles, but gained much strength to OVERCOME their Trials and Tribulations to succeed in life!

Rita writes about her experiences before Liz passed away—Liz’s stories, Liz’s heart-breaking death, and the odyssey of this entire journey! It was a pilgrimage with many earth-shattering, unusual, incredible, memorable, and miraculous surprises!

This book received the GOLDEN SEAL PLUME AWARD, exemplifying literary excellence for writers with exceptional and extraordinary writing styles. This remarkable dynamic story was written during a tragic, devastating worldwide pandemic!

Rita was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Life was a lot different for her and her siblings, growing up with parents who were DEAF and that used American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate. Rita and her family struggled to survive in an impoverished world. TIME was the enemy in their lives because they had to struggle, wondering how they would have enough food to get through to the next day.

Rita met her husband, Dennis, and later had two children, Pam and Chris. She worked as an interpreter for the DEAF Community to earn money to fulfill her fondest dream of attending college.

She attended Cleveland State University and Akron University. She received her Bachelor of Science Degree, Master of Arts Degree, and Doctorate at Kent State University.
She has published work in Education in Literacy for children with disabilities. Today, Rita resides in Broadview Heights, Ohio, with her husband, Dennis.

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Amazing story of how Liz overcame the challenges in her life

Liz and the whole Stupavsky family OVERCAME the challenges in their lives by TRUSTING the LORD. You will enjoy this book for it is truly amazing!!! The most important decision Liz made in her life was to receive Jesus as her personal Savior and Lord. This is the reason she is in heaven today. Liz would want you to have that same Hope and assurance by praying a prayer like this to receive Jesus. Jesus, I ask you to fogive me of all of my sins. Come into my heart and life. I receive you as my Savior and Lord. Thank you for all you have done for me. In Jesus's name, amen.

by Janice

The Trials and Tribulations of Tin Can Lizzie

I really enjoyed reading this book. At times it brought tears to my eyes but then joy to my heart. It is always nice to read about other families and their lives and how they all grew up to be great people. That is one of the things that really warmed my heart and soul about this book. Enjoy your read. I sure have!

by Janeen

The Trials and Tribulations of Tin Can Lizzie

After reading the book, it gave to me more insight to the struggles that many families went through during hard times. An amazing story of 5 children raised by 2 deaf parents in poverty. In spite of all that, all 5 became extremely successful and remained close through all the years. Well written and the main character Tin Can Lizzie and her life was illustrated to perfection. A must read!!

by Don

What a wonderful story of how Tin Can Lizzie persevered through difficult times.

What a wonderful story of how Tin Can Lizzie persevered through difficult times. Through the author's writing style, I felt like I knew Tin Can Lizzie and her family. I would highly recommend this book.

by Marilyn

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