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For years in the church, I have jumped and raised my hands to fire-filled messages about God's healing power. As a pastor, I have preached uplifting sermons and spoke of God's power; however, I was challenged in my faith when I was diagnosed with lupus. I asked myself how this could be, and, "Why me?" Through my chronic disease, I learned the true meaning of healing. My diagnosis of lupus caused me to stand "naked-bald" before the Lord . . . withholding nothing and receiving everything.

Twala Cole has a bachelor's degree in liberal arts from the College of New Rochelle and a master of social work degree from Long Island University. She is a social worker and has worked in the field of social work for over ten years. Twala co-pastors with her husband in one of the roughest neighborhoods of Brooklyn, NY. She started off spreading God's word at the tender age of ten, teaching Sunday school.Twala has inspired and motivated others through her ability to engage and captivate people of all faiths, cultural backgrounds, and beliefs.

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Motivating and inspiring!!!

There was a time in my relationship with Christ when I thought that illness was a punishment for wrongdoing; that if I prayed or was prayed for and wasn’t healed right away that obviously, there was a spiritual rupture somewhere and it was a sign that God was displeased. This book was a fascinating read! In language that’s easy to understand and with literary illustrations that are relatable I felt motivated and encouraged. I LOVE what page 22 says: “Always look for a way out, around or over”, and “…we can have issues and still have joy”. The statement that also resonated in my heart was, God says, “Get up and walk even if you are limping”. 🔥🔥🔥 The author included relevant scripture verses throughout the book which were a perfect balance to her transparent testimony. For example, she sited Psalms 32:6 where the Psalmist mentioned being kept safe and secure amidst the “floods of great waters”; as believers, we’re not exempt from the trials of life. The ending of the book is GOLDEN! The author highlights the fact that “healing” is not a concept that should be limited to the mere concept of the removal of medical diagnoses and symptoms. Jesus is our Healer in the sense that in Him we are healed from the sinful nature…”the root of all our diseases”. I will be re-reading this and recommend it highly.

by Rhue Rosa, LMSW

Excellent Read!

Excellent read! Twala Cole was so open and vulnerable about her journey with Lupus and her relationship with God. As an individual with Lupus, I definitely could relate to her sentiments with the struggle, and the adjustments one must maker to this ‘new’ way of life. I especially related with the author with regards to the fear of telling others and/or mentioning any of my struggle because people are generally unsympathetic having never experienced these obstacles. My experiences mirror the author, in that, there is a lack of support and understanding. Her account with doctors was likewise spot on. That unnecessary fiasco, in and of itself, is quite a journey that seems to never end. Ultimately, having an intimate relationship with God is the answer to get us through the rough patches in life. Twala’s story is a beautiful example of just that. This short read is very uplifting and inspirational and I highly recommend it.

by GDoughty

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