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Why I write about sex! I noticed over many years in my time with others... learning people's personal and intimate thoughts...that sex is suppressed in most people's eyes. They feel it's not to be talked about. It's bad. It should be hidden. People are embarrassed by it. Etc. Well, that's dumb. That's a lie. It's someone else talking. It's dishonest communication. Everyone loves sex. Everyone!!!! Sex is beautiful. Sex is the binding of each other. It should not be a nervous subject, rather we should be comfortable with it. Sex is something that we all love so deeply. I like to write about it in a loving and beautiful way. And sometimes just in a very sexy and creative way only. My point is always the same. Sex is beautiful and it should be portrayed honestly as such. What inspires me to write? It's you! It's the inclusiveness of others that interests me. How will you receive it? What words, scenarios and twists will pull you in so you feel yourself come to life in the story. What makes it yours. That's the stuff that makes my mind hum. I can't wait to find you in there.

Fun. Exciting. Unpredictable. Enticing. Authentic. Delicious. Stimulating. Hot. Sexy. Non-Conforming. Insouciant. Quintessentially Tristan! Sensual. Altruistic. Carefree. Erotic. Sapiophile. Real Life. Imagination. Pop A Cap In The Ass Of The Deserving. Loves Women. A Little Wicked. Kind. Tristan! Caring. Ethical. Moral. Loving. Thoughtful. Sweet. Smart. Respectful. Supportive. Soothing. Healthy. Musical. Constant. Sharp. Clever. Funny. Sincere. Knows How To Treat A Lady. Tristan! Smell. Taste. Skin. Chest. Hands. Lips. Tongue. Feet. Clean. Gluteals. _ _ _ _. Legs. Chest. Sexy. Touchable. Kissable. Tristan!

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Tristan AWESOME The Best reading!!!

Please keep the moments happening. Could not stop reading! You make me want to be part of every moment.

by Bobbi

Spicy and stimulating!🔥

Elegantly written short stories that will turn your lights on. Surprisingly diverse, the compilation will cater to secret desires of any reader. They will leave you longing for your “Tristan”. Ladies, have a glass of wine and BOB handy before you start your reading adventure.

by Mari

Imaginative, sexy, fun and will leave you wanting more

Tristan paints a vivid, sensual picture from the first few words. He draws you into the story from the very beginning and captures your heart and imagination with erotic imagery. A super sexy read. I’m looking forward to reading more of Tristan’s creations.

by Lori

Tristin Wilde

"Tristan Wilde, a new player in the adult romance book market, delivers a salacious and sensual storytelling style. There is definitely a sapiosexual behind these adventure filled journeys. Each story stands alone as the main character gives you a peek inside his unique look at sexual life. Read as Tristan navigates power shifts, kink and taboos. Tristin Wilde's sexcapades (Stories) are epic and aimed to please any reader. For all the characters involved, I hope this is not fiction." Nurse Rebecca

by Rebecca

Sensual and Erotic

This collection of stories offers a provocative exploration of sensuality and erotica. Tristan, skillfully weaves together passion and emotion, creating a captivating narrative that engages the reader on a visceral level. While the explicit content may not be suitable for all audiences, those open to the genre will find a compelling and well-crafted journey into the realms of desire and intimacy. The stories transcend mere physicality, delving into the complexities of human connection and the diverse expressions of love. Overall, a bold and thought-provoking read for those seeking a literary exploration of the sensuality in the sexuality.


An exceptional writer!

This book is very well written, and flows in a beautiful way. The writer's technique makes his stories come to life and feel very real. He's able to put into words what many of us feel about the sexual experience. The string of pearl-like words will keep you company on a lonely afternoon. I would highly recommend this book!

by Shelby

Awesome writer, light and loving, yet sizzling and sexy

I love the way he writes. Tristan has an amazing technique of bringing the characters to life. He makes sex natural and loving and of course super sizzling. I’m looking forward to his next book!

by Lorrie

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Genre: Fiction

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