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Yeshua HaMashiakh (Jesus the Christ) is the Jewish Messiah (Meshiakh) sent to live among us by Almighty G-D, called many Names in all of Earth's religions. G-D is Creator of Life on Planet Earth, Universal LifeForce/Spark of Energy found in plants and animals alike, and Karmic Soul Donor to Homo sapiens, giving Human Beings dominion and responsibility for all Life on this planet.

Meshiakh was prophesied to be born to a virgin in the lineage of Isa'ak, son of AvRaham, his bloodline coming through Judah and King David. Yeshua was sent to minister to his own, yet be rejected and scorned, a man of sorrows, his Soul a Light to the Gentiles. After he gave his life as Y'ho-vah’s final blood sacrifice, Angels sang a New Song of his Holy Ghost, Who is alive today.

This book concentrates on Yeshua's words and actions, giving us blueprints for our own lives, and even though we can never be as perfect and loving as he was, we must not stop trying to love and care for others, in service to others as to our own Gifts and abilities. There are many things about the Christian Bible that few Christians know, especially since "all things Jewish" have been discarded through the centuries. The Epilogue at the end of the book is simply personal perception.

When I was about 12 years old, I read a book called, Who Is Jesus? or a similar title. I was disappointed, and sought the answers most of my adult life. Jesus was the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua HaMashiakh. My original purpose in writing this book was to bring Christians closer to Christ, show Jews their prophesied Meshiakh, and honor M’hammad for his stories of Yeshua, but as it ends, I want to bring Yeshua to the entire world.

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Genre: Religion

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