Talents of Stone and Fire: The Brotherhood of Stone series first chronicle

Author: Octavier B Barnes


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Riley is an twelve years old boy and heir to the exceedingly wealthy Kincrest family. However, wealth does not always mean happiness. This is certainly the case for Rye, who is constantly suffering beatings from his parents and mentors while being laughed at by his twisted older sisters. Being fixed not to cry or resist, Rye has learned to just accept the punishments whenever they come. However, recently whenever Rye is hurt, he finds himself blanketed by a strange numbing sensation that helps as an escape to the pain. Late does he know that the sensation he thinks is protecting him, is also making him feel less and less, and turning him into an emotionless husk. Despite his situation, Rye’s life is about to take a drastic change.

Arthish Lilith is an eleven year old boy who’s hobbies are hunting deer with nothing but a knife and playing with his friend Noir, a pure black wolf with glowing blue eyes. Art’s father has passed away and his loving mother is all he has left now. They live secluded in the woods with a nearby village for necessities. Although poor, Art is loved by his mother and he’s satisfied with the way things are. However, when he stays out late one day, hunting a deer, he comes home to find something that changes who he is forever.


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Black & White

Pages: 410 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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