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Risan, a member of the Candaran federation council on the planet Candara, uncovers a fiendish plot. Some of the members are conspiring to overthrow the council. They wish to impose their will upon its citizens. The Candarans are an intelligent and advanced race of symbiotic beings. They have the abilities to meld with and manipulate organic life-forms on a molecular level. They are humanoid but with a different physiology.

Risan is marked for assassination after discovering the nefarious plot. The group of powerful traitors try to eliminate him before he can expose them to the council. He escapes his home world, only to be hunted and pursued through space by an evil commander named Solrac and his two underlings. The chase takes them to the Milky Way galaxy via wormholes. Hit with a near-fatal, blast Risan crashes on a third planet orbiting a sun. There he sinks to the bottom of a lagoon on a tropical island, lying dormant until the fateful moment he comes in contact with his host—a humble farmer who is unaware of the dramatic events that will change his life forever.

Meanwhile after being battered going through an asteroid belt that circles the planet, the three nefarious beings crash on a beachhead, where they meld with three unscrupulous humans and begin a campaign of terror on the island and its inhabitants.

Who would have thought that a mook from Brooklyn would have thought of such a story? But I did, and it’s all me. Born in a tough Brooklyn neighborhood, witnessing violence and tragedy, with little resources, I was raised by two loving parents along with three other siblings. Life wasn’t easy, but my parents managed to put us through private school. From first to twelfth grade, I wasn’t the best student, but I wasn’t the worst. Just up until my last year in high school, where I barely graduated, I had one foot in the streets and the other trying to make something of myself. I finally started working in a jewelry trade as an apprentice for handmade gold and platinum rings. I worked that for about a year until I joined the US Marine Corps. After being injured, I was medically discharged and went back to the jewelry trade. I worked about eleven years at that when I finally went back to school. I graduated with an associate’s degree in applied science from the Borough of Manhattan Community College. Then went on to Brooklyn College where I majored in film production but was eight or ten credits shy of graduating. Then my son was born, so I chose to raise him. At the present time, I am going to enroll and finish my BA in film. My ultimate goal is to make at least one major motion picture.

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Pages: 60 | Trim Size: 5.5X8.5

Genre: Fiction

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