Crushed Scales : An Unearthly Novel

Author: May Howell


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Damsel in Distress...

Daina Custos. Finally able to get a taste of what it would be like to have a family. That is until a warrior king appears in her life once more to offer safety. Will she finally be able to break her chains and claim a man she would have never dreamed of possessing or will her past keep her bound and silenced?

The Warrior on the Throne...

Ash Wolfpaw had it all. Anything he wanted; that is, except the otherworldly beauty that haunted his dreams. With the arrival of a severed head and a letter Ash must decide what is more important. His pride as a warrior or a sirens call of a seductive woman. With the enemy drawing closer to their throats, they must make the right choices or risk uprooting an entire nation.

May lives in Virginia with her three cats, loving dog, and wonderful family. Born and raised in North Carolina, she moved to Virginia to be closer to her muse. She has always had a love of books and a passion for writing, this became evident once she left culinary school and came full circle back to her love of the arts. From a young age she learned that family is all you have sometimes and it is important to do everything you can to help them out. Most importantly though she learned that love is special and can only be shared to some. Romance has always been something that she loved; like any little girl she wanted to find love and everlasting happiness, which is why she is writing love stories to share with the world.

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Black & White

Pages: 250 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Romance

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