IT WAS NEVER ABOUT YOU Overcoming Mental Despair: A Journey of Resilience, Keep Pushing

Author: Eric Nettles


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Eric M. Nettles Sr., is a remarkable individual who bravely shares his story of triumph over childhood trauma and the profound impact it had on his life. In his journey, he found himself compelled to undertake actions that seemed unthinkable, driven by a desperate attempt to alleviate the hidden pain he endured daily. His relentless pursuit of appearing flawless led him down a path of clandestine self-destruction. However, with unwavering faith in God and his own resilience, Eric managed to overcome the physical, mental, and emotional turmoil that threatened to consume him.

Today, Eric stands as a living testament to the power of resilience and the will to survive. Having emerged victorious from the depths of his darkest battles, he now dedicates himself to sharing his story to inspire and support others, unapologetically embracing his true, authentic self. As a survivor of suicide, Eric made a sacred promise to himself and to God, vowing to utilize his experiences to uplift and empower those who face similar struggles.

Eric’s story serves as a beacon of hope, dispelling the illusion of perfection that can overshadow the real battles people fight behind closed doors. He takes great pride in shedding light on his personal triumphs, even during times when his outward appearance suggested a flawless existence.

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