The Armored Angels

Author: Christopher Lopez


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An evil dark angel warrior has arrived in our timeline and is determined to create a new civilization

by destroying our current one. Four girls are chosen to be the new guardians of Earth. They must

put aside their normal lives and train to protect everyone they love. They are given powers, armor,

and powerful weapons and must learn to train like warriors. Their mentor is an immortal-like angel

warrior who has been waiting for the day to have a new team of warriors to train. They’re dealing

with family issues but must also focus on saving our world. This new team of warriors will be the

ones to defend our planet from any evil forces.

I’m someone who enjoys reading books and watching TV shows and movies. I

can enjoy reading a novel and imagine it as a movie. I can watch a movie and

imagine reading it as a novel. This series will be the story of individuals who

become the guardians of Earth and must protect everyone at all costs. Many

characters will be introduced and will be part of the story.

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Black & White

Pages: 118 | Trim Size: 8.5x11

Genre: Fiction

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