The Saxon Princess and the King of Scots

Author: Alex Forester


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A tale of kingdoms falling and great royal houses rising from the ashes of exile, only to stumble into oblivion once more as Fortune's Wheel turns inexorably onwards.

A tale of a young man with a dream of glory, an obsession with vengeance, and a thirst for battle. As a child, Malcolm flees from Scotland following the death of his father, King Duncan, in battle against a rebellious kinsman - the infamous Macbeth. Growing up in exile at the court of King Edward the Confessor, Malcolm swears vengeance against Macbeth and will not rest until he sits on the throne of Scotland.

A tale of a young woman, who yearns for a homeland, for love, for purpose in her life. Born to a prince in exile, Margaret of Wessex is transported from her childhood home to the land of her ancestors. In a way, she is always a stranger in her own home. A stranger even in her own life, for the life of a princess is one of constraint and restraint - at odds with her exuberant, questioning, determined spirit. As she faces the chaos and terror of the Norman Conquest in England, she rises above her fears and finds strength in her love of her family, her country, and her faith.

Above all, a tale of love. Of opposite natures in conflict, and... inevitably... attracting each other too.

Alex Forester has always been an avid reader of historical fiction, loving the opportunity to escape into a different place and time, to discover historical fact wrapped up in a thrilling narrative, to gain insight into the timeless aspects of human nature and a desire for a meaningful life. When travelling in Scotland, Alex was fascinated by the beautiful story of King Malcolm of Scotland and Margaret of Wessex - two people whose personalities could not be more different, and yet who appeared to genuinely love each other. In writing this novel, Alex attempted to remain as faithful as possible to historical fact and the main plot lines are all fully consistent with historical research on the subject. Of course, artistic license is needed to create the dialogue and imagine the private thoughts of the characters... to bring the story to life!

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Amazing read!

What a fabulous book! Difficult to put down once you start reading.

by Pearl

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Pages: 496 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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