Healing Verses: A Journey Towards Empowerment

Author: Sophie Serna


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Healing Verses is a compilation of poetry and therapeutic approaches aimed at helping adult survivors of child abuse begin, or continue on their journey of recovery towards wholeness and self-empowerment. It is not a replacement for professional psychotherapy, but would likely enhance progress.

In my 39-year social work career, I learned that children who were robbed of their childhoods through abuse or trauma, often spend a lifetime being revictimized at the hands of others or through their own actions, thoughts and/or addictions. They frequently live their lives having little or no control of their destiny because they continue to feel powerless over life and the people in it. Or, on the other end of the spectrum, adult survivors, are over achievers, workaholics and self-sacrificial.

Few enjoy quality intimate relationships, due to guardedness, insecurities, or emotional extremes due underdeveloped emotional expression skills. The painful memories of their childhoods consume their energies and resources in the vicious cycle of trying to escape these recollections.This is a book that offers hope to its readers by acknowledging their wounds and providing a compass.

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Genre: Poetry

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