Love and Melody

Author: Sarah Shah


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Four different people; Zack, Melody, Maddie and Zayn. Zack is a famous rockstar, Melody is a struggling singer, Zayn is a musician and lyrics writer, and Maddie is an aspiring dancer. When Zack and Melody path crosses; Zack falls in love with Melody however Melody believes him to be an arrogant jerk; Maddie and Zayn form a friendship and attempt to bring their two friends together. As Zack attempts to win Melody's heart; she doesn't let him close and tries to keep her distance due to her past however soon Melody felling change as she open up her heart, but Zack becomes cold to her. Will they ever come together? Will there love of music connect the two hearts? How will the journey of these four people change everything?

Hi, I'm Sarah. It's been my dream of being an author since I was younger. I didn't chase it till now. I love to read books just like you. I was inspired to write this book and I want to inspire all of you. To follow your dreams because you never know where it would take you. Because I followed my dream I happy I did we are want to do something in life and taking is the chance is what I did.

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Black & White

Pages: 72 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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