Discovery: Book 1 of 'The Humanimals'

Author: Whyte Wynter


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My 138,000 word novel, Discovery, is the first book of my book series ‘The Humanimals.’ It is an action packed fun-filled thrilling story that begins when twins ‘discover’ they have the power to morph into animals…yet that is only the beginning.

Set near Madison, Wisconsin, twins Emily and Tony Dunn are normal eighth grade students when Emily first discovers her newfound power. What follows is a series of adventures and misadventures by the twins exploring Emily’s abilities and limitations, both at home and at school, while trying to keep her powers secret.

Tony soon comes upon powers of his own while the twins’ mom, a biologist, is determined to find the reason her twins have their newfound abilities. Some investigating leads her to believe they may stem from an accident that occurred years ago at her workplace while she was pregnant with her twins. She also finds out there may be others with similar powers who may have devious revenge driven plans as to how to use them.

The progression of figuring out their powers is filled with action, suspense, teenage fun and a number of thrills. Soon, the story drives towards a complicated and dramatic climax that may blow up a large part of Madison and cost the lives of numerous people and animals. Facing the risk of having their powers found out, can Tony, Emily, their family and best friends save the day? And even if they try, is it worth the risk of being found by authorities to have supernatural powers? The ending is suspenseful and filled with a couple touching surprises.

A born and raised Wisconsinite, Whyte has had the privilege of working with young people in numerous capacities ranging from coaching, ministry, and managing at work. Currently in the food business, he has been driven to write by a passion for telling stories that entertain people, as well as honoring his children for their love of animals. As the father of two adult children and five grandchildren, the series of books shares embellished stories from his own life as well as those of his relatives. Central to the books, however, is the always ongoing battle of doing what is right, and giving of yourself. At times those become difficult mantras to navigate, and those battles are brought forward in many of the book’s characters

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Pages: 448 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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