Author: Walter Jobs


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When a coyote pup is accepted into a wolf pack, he is given the

name Yaktag. After a while of being in the pack, he is beginning

to see the troubles of living with wolves as he is constantly

bullied and picked on by everyone except his two friends, Skye

and Yale. Yaktag tries many things to impress the alpha wolf.

He finally gets that chance when he has to go on an exciting

journey with his friends, and worst enemy to save the alpha.

This quest proves challenging and dangerous. Friendships are

tested, and bonds are made. But will his mission be successful?

My name is Walter Jobs, I am a teenage writer who works with

animal fiction, fantasy, and young adult fiction. I began writing

little stories for school in 2017 and since then, I have expanded

my horizons to bring amazing fully fleshed out stories that will

leave the reader entertained and full of emotions. My goal is to

create great quality work for others to enjoy. Yaktag is my first

ever big piece of work, and no other story I have created has

made a bigger impact on me than this one, I have and always

will write from my heart, profit is only secondary

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Black & White

Pages: 126 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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