To Capture a Heart

Author: Kayla Johnson


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Heartbreak is destructive. It's detrimental. If you don't watch out it'll get you. Every teen on this planet who has experienced romantic love has felt this, if they're lucky. But, to be stung by this harsh feeling you must allow all the good it follows to happen. This is my story. The story of how all the good crumbled and took me down with it. Written with true accounts some dramatised into poems and others, raw narratives displaying the truth behind it all. Together we will dive into this emotionally daunting whirlwind by following the stages of how To Capture a Heart.

Kayla Johnson was born in 2002 in Brooklyn, New York. Growing up she was interested in reading and the art of storytelling. This interest sparked her desire to begin writing at the early age of nine. With the help from her late father she was given the freedom to be creatively driven in her upbringing. She attended a small high school in Manhattan known for its study of Sign Language and learned diversity within the community. Despite her versatility, there was never a disconnect with writing and her prepubescent poems flourished. Writing continues to be her outlet as she hopes to capture the authenticity of what it means to be a teenager in this day and age. Through her words she aspires to share a chunk of her life experiences to inspire the youth of today to push past the struggle of grief, heartbreak, and teenage angst.

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Pages: 102 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Poetry

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