Protect Your Soul

Author: Adrianna Ramnaidu


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“Protect your soul” is a collection of perfect imperfections, which connects you to your inner self. Touching upon topics such as self- love, heart ache, and the trauma anxiety has on oneself. Connecting the diverse reality with women and their misunderstood beauty and perilous nature. The main goal with “Protect your soul” is for you to understand that you’re not alone– to confront your feelings and sit with your trauma, to then be able to exist with your trauma. Get to this place in your mind where you feel so comfortable you can rely on yourself for all the emotional support you need. You can get through this book, believing you can get to the place you need to be where you can be unconditionally supportive of yourself.

Growing up in a place such as NYC really means always being on go, Adrianna always turned to poetry as an outlet. Going to Culinary school to follow her passion of working in the culinary field, creating confections for her family and friends brought joy– was her way of showing she loved. Growing up with immigrant parents seeing their struggle, holding in her feelings for the sake of others made this book so precious to her– she is her most vulnerable self with you. Now her goal is to dive into people’s souls and bring reassurance, the reassurance she never got.

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Pages: 118 | Trim Size: 5.5x8.5

Genre: Poetry

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