Lakela : The Gift Part 1

Author: Larson Neely


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Lakela Garga lives with his father Leonard Garga in an extremely small village in Africa, Lakela finally reaches the point and age where he has to learn the fundamentals of his family tree and things he didn't know existed in the world of the unknown, meaning coming out of the small village his father had him staying in and go out learn the fundamentals, by entering Del'koa, The Demon Kingdom of Stynx. However...things come with a price with huge drastic change. While Lakela did the normal things he did in life, something came over him...

Larson Neely is a person that was born with a dream, a dream that created the creations that he lives out to seek. Larson Neely hopes to fulfill their true dream by writing and expressing the feelings and experiences that happened in his life. The struggles that he went through, the burnouts, the sadness, and the happiness all were indulged. Horrific Myster has a story for you...

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Really descriptive and different!!

I honestly really like the storytelling in Lakela: The Gift, the whole sequence of events gave off a slight mysterious vibe throughout the story, the characters interaction are really unpredictable at times and the emotions expressed with the side characters was well written and just not a throw away character. There are a mass of characters introduced in Lakela, which I personally love because it means that there are going to be some shenanigans happening later on. The only things I didn’t like was how the story did some of these characters really dirty towards the middle and the end of the book and the huge event at the end had me upset more than ever, I wish I can say it, but that would be a complete spoiler. Presol (one of the characters.) really irritated me to the point I wanted to stop reading lol, he was really arrogant and was always present to cause issues with the main characters.But, overall it sorta of balanced out. I definitely look forward to book 2 and seeing how all of this builds up from book 1. Lastly, I recommend this to people who like unpredictable occurrences, the fantasy world of demons and humans going against each other, wide range of character world building, and of course, those who want to read a new series.

by Janya Thomson

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Pages: 346 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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