Fire and Ice: A Story Wrapped In Time

Author: Roshan Raj Rajamanickam


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A tale of heartache, sorrow, loss, hope, and new

beginnings. This book aims to give hope to people

who are at a loss for words and are grieving- both a

version of themselves and something that brought

fulfillment to their lives. This is a story of new

beginnings, finding the courage to lose yourself

to find yourself, and the process of rebuilding a

stronger foundation within you. This book looks to

bring out the depths of human emotion, bared raw,

for the reader to experience and feel the plight of

heartbreak, the struggle to move on, and the path

to finding one’s true self.

The author is someone who has looked at their

demons in the eye and struggled for a long time to

fight them. In this tale, he breaks down the emotions

of the human mind, as they intensely capture

his heart and leave it hostage. This is the story of

someone who gave it their all, to find that things

don’t always work out due to multiple reasons. He

got thrown on another journey- one where he had to

fight to make something meaningful around it. The

author is a recent college graduate who works in

biological research, loves to cook, and writes poetry

in his free time.

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Black & White

Pages: 128 | Trim Size: 5.5x8.5

Genre: Poetry

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